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Selected Poems

"I clean the house," Alien Magazine, forthcoming

"Your Therapist Has Surfer Dude Energy," Reunion: The Dallas Review, forthcoming 

"The Twinkie," The Indianapolis Review, 2023

"Remi, in the Night," The Missouri Review, 2023 (online)

"Estimated Burden," Santa Clara Review, 2023 (print)

"Baptism | Before I Was Born, There Was a War," Iron Horse Literary Review, 2023 (print)

"At a baseball game in ninety-degree weather, the man in front of me," West Trade Review, 2023 (print)

"my brother died," West Trade Review, 2023 (online)

Two Poems, Juked, 2023 (print)

"Triptych: To the People I Never Hit Drunk-Driving," Salamander, 2023 (print)

"Sirens," The Broadkill Review, 2023 (online)

Two Poems, Diode, 2023 (online)

"Tabernacle," Prairie Schooner, 2022 (print)

Two Poems, Cream City Review, 2022 (print)

"Ghazal for the Bumps on My Spine," the minnesota review, 2022 (print)

"When We've Been Married Nearly a Year, My Wife and I Share a Toothbrush for the First Time," Bayou Magazine, 2022 (print)

"The Lights," JMWW, 2022 (online)

"Amuse-Bouche," Superstition Review, 2022 (online)

"First," trampset, 2022 (online)

Two Poems, Couplet Poetry, 2022 (online)

"Are You Okay, Mike Flanagan?" The Rupture, 2022 (online)

"Sinker," Divot Lit, 2022 (online)

"The Lights," jmww, 2022 (online)

"Ekphrastic for Cheselden's Skeleton, 1733," Hamilton Arts & Letters, 2022 (online)

"Prosopagnosia Feels Like Looking Through a Tunnel and Landing in a Graveyard," Harpur Palate, 2022 (print)

"Moses Parts the Red Sea," The Gay & Lesbian Review, 2022 (print)

"Morning Fables," Foothill Poetry Magazine, 2021 (print)

"Dressing as a Trans Man in the Early Morning," Doubleback Review, 2021 (online)

"The Ostriches Bathe in Tulsa," Academy of American Poets, 2021 (online)

"Walking with My Lover to Bury Our Dead Fish," Frontier Poetry, 2021 (online)

Two Poems, The Account, 2020 (online)

"Head Space," Academy of American Poets, 2019 (online)

"I'm Sandcastled Sometimes, but Mostly Just Hungover," Glass: A Journal of Poetry, 2018 (online)

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