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Current Projects

I am seeking agent representation for my children's book, Little Lenny Gets His Horns, fully illustrated by Victoria Garcia Boswell.

Little Lenny Gets His Horns

Lenny has always been told that he’s a sheep, even though he’s never identified that way himself. Will Lenny stay lonely forever, or will he be brave enough to come out as a goat and be accepted by his barnyard friends?


Little Lenny Gets His Horns depicts Lenny’s journey of fearlessness and familial acceptance. When Lenny comes out as a goat to his mom and the rest of his barnyard friends, everyone welcomes him. The next day, a veterinarian comes to the farm to give Lenny his very own set of horns. The story has a happy ending in that Lenny gains the freedom to be himself, which is an important narrative for transgender kids everywhere.

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